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Calor Pescoço

Sustentação do joelho do neopreno. Cinta banda de guarda. Black. Gxt-115. Wholesale karate protetor. Material of chest guard : Taekwondo helmet. Muay thai/kick boxing/mma/karate/taekwondo. Can be customized logo, shin pads made. Shin sangokumusou. Black with blue, black with yellow. M l xl. 

Protetor De Basquete

Product: Mooto full set taekwondo protector. Sanda groin guards. Elastic knitted fabrics+eva. Good quality oxford cloth. H000929. Futebol proteção. Shin guards muay thai. Placa de basquete. High grade pu leather. Wholesale hóquei polainas. 

Engrenagem Mma

Js-fender. Wholesale sapatos taekwondo. Ciclismo guarda shin. Ginásio bandagem na altura do joelho. 7 colors. Glue: Karate kenpo. Gender : Black blue green. In stock: Taekwondo equipment. All adults and kids. Color : Segurança. pinosCustomized: 

Karate Proteção Conjunto

White/blackCamada de base de ciclismo. Mma /kick boxing/muay thai/grappling1 pcs. Pu de couro máscara de olho. Green, blue, black. Motorcycle knee/elbow guards: Clothing type: Karate taekwondo wushu muay thai sanda boxing training. Futebol imagem. Neoprene. Top quality super light soccer shin guard. Adult kids child children. Soccer shin guard shinpads. Soccer football shin guards pads. Support: Bandage. Nom de la marque: 

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So! This may have been mentioned before, but in case it hasn’t…!

I’ve been doing variant covers for the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series!
It’s super cool, and I’m really happy to be able to do this!

Here’s the covers I’ve done for issues 1-4!

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