Nouvelles 2016 En Gros de Bonne Qualité 4 gb 8 gb 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB Microsd TF Carte Micro Sd Carte Class10 Carte Mémoire Transflash Rapide le bateau

caso do cartão cf sd, adaptador usb flash

De Memória Sd De 32

Nouveau. Sd leitor de cartão de memória usb. Hot-swapping: Original package with free adapter. Ksm-zif.6-128ms(zf-128). Feartures: Quite a lot. Slimline. 4gb-64gb. Microsdhc uhs-i mp32g. Titular caso de cartões de memória. Up to 100mb/s read speed and up to 90mb/s write speed. Black, white. M302-32gb-1. Mini micro adaptador de cartão sd. 

Usb Multi Cabos

Usb3.0 leitor de cartão sd. Zenbook flip ux360ua. 14cm x 16cm x 2cm (5.51in x 6.30in x 0.79in). 90mb/s. Wholesale available. Micro sd card. Cg116. Sim carte,micro sd. Otg32u. Sim reader. 

Baía 5.25

Ksm-zif 6-128ms. 30204. Silver, gold, local tyrants space gray, rose gold. Ssd 8gb 16gb 32gb. Mz-75e120 mz-75e250 mz-75e500. Usb flash drive card reader. Cópia do cartão do sim. Class 6 cpeed. 110/40. Read 500m/s ; write 350m/s. 

Adaptador M2 Sd

Flash sd. U3 sdxc class 10. Bolsa chave. About 50 * 18 *11 mm. Reader t: Carte cf,carte de clé de mémoire. Vktech. Smarter phones. Leitor de cartão de plástico. Aluminium alloy shell. Mb-mp32/64go mp series evo. Support card reader: Style8: Model: 32g read speed: 

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So! This may have been mentioned before, but in case it hasn’t…!

I’ve been doing variant covers for the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series!
It’s super cool, and I’m really happy to be able to do this!

Here’s the covers I’ve done for issues 1-4!

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