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Alarme De Segurança G19

Svc-012. Polymer. Indoor lamp. Raindrops module. -55 degrees c - +125 degrees celsius. Peltier termoelétrica. Plug type: Material: Bs15-3802900a. Jl-699Gy-2561. Sht21. Sonda termopar. Source d'énergie: Static current : Weight: Turbowing. 

Módulo Do Sensor De Radar De Microondas

Sound sensor. Category: Interruptor sensível. Bouton de sortie. 96k/v66.1-2300-s12Sensor de 37. Size of the hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor: Thermal response time : Conversor digital arduino. Input liquid level wireless sensor. 39319. 

óptico De Filtragem

Relay. E3x-na11. Wholesale 2.4 ghz sem fio dmx512. K type thermocouple. Sensor de m12. Temperature and humidity sensor shell cover sht10 sht11 sht20 sht21 sh. Exaustiva connecter. Cy7c68013a. Smd mf5b 50k. Interruptor sensível. Connector: K000232. Acs712-5a. Controlador de temperatura infravermelho. Module. Classe d módulo amplificador. Bmp085 sensor de pressão. 0.5%f.s. 

Módulo Jogador

Controlador tb6560. Output model category: 32mm x22mm x27mm. Interrupteur de touche on / off. Sensor de corrente do sensor digital. Interruptor do sensor de temperatura. Hcs-lsp 15a 20a 25a hall current sensor<0.2l/min. Honeywell s & c - 26pc01smt. Humidity sensor hs1101Co2 transmitter. Vcc, trig (control side), echo (receiving end), gnd. Interruptores de porcelana. Smart home iot diy project kit : 

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So! This may have been mentioned before, but in case it hasn’t…!

I’ve been doing variant covers for the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series!
It’s super cool, and I’m really happy to be able to do this!

Here’s the covers I’ve done for issues 1-4!

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